Tubbs Ventures

Tubbs Ventures is the natural evolution of the work of its founder Michael Tubbs, in supporting innovation and in creating opportunity for all.

Tubbs Ventures will invest in dynamic, diverse founders and companies that seek to solve societal problems, treat workers and consumers with dignity, and create teams that look like the world we live in.

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Capitalism is at a crossroads

Tubbs Ventures was created to demonstrate that capitalism works best when opportunity for participation is provided to all and when products oriented towards solving problems are given the capital needed to scale. The ethos of the fund is that with intentionality, capital and innovation can be a force for good in the world.

Tubbs Ventures will pay special attention to developing the next generation of private sector leaders. By drawing on experiences of the founder, Michael Tubbs, in taking risks, starting new ventures, communicating complex ideas/ paradigm shifts to the masses, and leading a Major American city at a young age, Tubbs Ventures will advise, mentor, support, and challenge founders to think about the impact they want to make on the world.

Tubbs Ventures will focus on companies that seek to be problem solvers in the following sectors: government technology, financial technology, mobility/transportation; media, climate, and education; with an emphasis on founders from underrepresented groups. Our investment ethos is that leadership is the most important driver of success and we are committed to supporting and growing leaders, as well as their companies.

The network for deal flow and support for founders


  • Active Alum '12
  • Design School Fellow '14


  • Media Lab Fellow '19


  • Fellow '21


  • Featured on Emmy Nominated Documentary
  • Lots of relationships in the media and entertainment space


  • Former Mayor
  • Active member of US Conference of Mayors
  • Founder of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income
  • Warm relationships with every Mayor in a top 100 city


  • Forbes 30 under 30 All-star Alumni
  • Fortune’s Top 40 under 40
  • The “Most Valuable Mayor” by The Nation
  • 2021 Civic Leadership Award winner
  • 2019 New Frontier Award Winner

Our Focus Areas

Our investment ethos is that leadership is the most important driver of success and we are committed to supporting and growing leaders, as well as their companies.

Government Technology

Financial Technology





Investments made to date

Women Founders
Black Founders
BIPOC Founders
"We chose Tubbs to invest in Esusu because he is focused on addressing the root causes of issues, not the symptoms. He is also someone I consider a Justice Capitalist; a visionary whom believes in a fair, just and prosperous system that works for everyone"

Wemimo Abbey

Co-Founder, Esusu

"Our seed round ended up being oversubscribed, but Mayor Tubbs was an obvious choice of an investor we had to include in our round. There's a reason. It goes without saying that Mayor Tubbs has an incredible network. But more importantly, Mayor Tubbs has a genuine and authentic drive to level the playing field for historically underrepresented and diverse communities."

Anjali Menon

Founder, TBH

"We are thrilled to be working with Michael at Abodu his unique perspective at the intersection of the public and private sectors is tough to find. Michael has been highly engaged with our team he provides both access and insight to our approach of working with local jurisdictions across the western US. Michael is the definition of a "value-add" investor, and if given the opportunity, would work with him again!"

John Geary

Co-Founder, Abodu

"Neon Money Club is proud and humbled to have Michael Tubbs as an investor and advisor. Our mission to meet people where they are and propel them toward financial empowerment could have no better partner than him. Michael has has already proven early value by advising on our approach and partnerships, and will be an even bigger driver in our upcoming cities initiatives."

Jackie Liao

Co-Founder, Neon Club Money

"Michael is a unique investor to have in your corner: he seamlessly marries deep operational excellence, with an authenticity that allows him to be a trusted advisor in difficult times. He can be consulted without fear of judgement or disapproval because you know he always has the entrepreneurs genuine best-interest at heart. That is a rare combination to find."

Ines Gramegna

Founder, Skylyte